Stan Lee was a visionary and started one of the coolest universes of all time. Like Stan, I too have a vision for a wonderful universe, but for our own.
First let me ask you a question. What do you think the universe is and why do we exist? 
If you practice religion, you may feel you can answer right away, but I ask for you to try to think outside of the box for one moment. It's a fun or perhaps daunting thing to think about depending on your own life experiences.
There is a natural curiosity to wonder where we came from and where we will go. Our emotional attachments to one another bring us great joy when someone is born, and yet so sad when someone dies. “Where do they go? Where do they come from?”
This perplexing question has been resting in my consciousness for months because I think there is a lot of room for improvement in our societies. It pains us all greatly everyday when we see others on our earth needlessly suffering, hurting, starving, and dying. We are the human race, the most intelligent and complex beings on our planet and maybe in the universe. I know we can do better. 
Our reality is so complex, detailed and often coincidental that we miss clues relating to our own existence. What if I told you, you are the universe.
"Cogito, ergo sum," said the philosopher René Descartes which translates to, "I think, therefore I am."
Our universe is such a magnificent, whimsical, mysterious, jubilant, and chaotic place. Our galaxies, planets, stars, and bodies are made up of atoms and energy. As organisms, we get our energy in a variety of ways and use it to power our actions, passive body functions, and mind. Our brain is essential for sending and receiving electrical signals throughout our body. Without those signals our bodies would cease to function. Atoms coming together with energy were absolutely essential for everything we know today, including consciousness.
The atom is a unison of neutrons and protons orbited by electrons. It has a magnetic pull which allows it to combine and create all of the matter in our universe. Matter's interaction with energy is what transforms and evolves it.
Every single piece of matter in our universe has neutral particles clinging onto positive particles endlessly orbited by negative particles. It's quite similar to the way our planets orbit the sun through gravity. Science can explain a lot of things about our universe, but there is one thing in our that keeps us puzzled. Our consciousness.
Our consciousness may be our own universe being self-aware and thinking for itself. What are your thoughts? Where do they exist? Why do they exist? A person once said, “I think therefore I am.” What does that mean to you? We’ll all be able to think about and explain our answers in different ways based on our own life experiences.
Do you have a full grasp on what consciousness is? As critical thinkers we think about what it means to “be alive.” We are electromagnetic beings, meaning our bodies and mind run on energy. Our brain synapses, or thoughts, use energy provided from a variety of sources. Our food and drink, the air we breathe, and the constant, rhythmic, thumping of our powerful heart all provide the energy necessary for intelligent life.
Have you ever experienced great joy or agonizing sorrow and felt it inside of you? As humans, we experience positive and negative energy, just like the atom, and can share our energy with one another. We possess the ability to think positive or negative thoughts and impact the emotions of those around us with our expressions, language, actions, and thought. We also possess the ability to pass on our energy and create anew. The motile energy stored in a man’s body, the sperm, enters a woman’s body seeking her docile source of energy, the egg. When they meet and combine a diploid cell forms, which combines the atoms necessary to begin a new life.
Time for an analogy. Imagine your consciousness as the neutrons of the atom, one of the fundamental particles of life. For this example, the ability to think is located in the neutron and would explain why we as humans are naturally attracted to positivity, the proton. The electron is constantly orbiting the neutron, our consciousness, impacting us with a lingering negativity. Presently, our consciousness in a state of total confusion as it feels both positive and negative emotions associated with life. We are the neutral consciousness sandwiched between both positivity and negativity. Luckily, it is up to us how to control them.
We express positivity and negativity through our ideas, thoughts, dreams, art, music, technology, teachings, lessons, writings, food, actions, and more. Our entire history has been the universe working towards this self realization. We choose how we experience life and have an impact on it. (Besides our DNA and where you’re born of course). If you think and behave in a positive or negative way it will impact your life and the lives around you. If you think negatively, act negatively, and manifest negativity, your life will become negative.If you manifest positivity your life can become more positive. (A sort of law of attraction). If you think neutrally about things, then you are complacent with where you are in life. Positivity and negativity both promote change, but it is up to you how you use them.
Do we want peace and technology or war and famine? It is up to us as the ones inputting the decisions that determine the outcome. As we better understand our capabilities on earth, we will be able to improve lives for all. Our technology and production capabilities will get to a point where we'll have more time to do the things we love with the ones we love.
We can mostly control how we feel and act, but our DNA puts limitations on us and instincts in us. Living organisms on our planet have always evolved to fit their environment and surroundings. Perhaps one day we’ll be able to edit our DNA in a way to live longer or on other planets and in space. I’ll ask for you guys to please help me figure it all out. We want to live long, fruitful lives with as little suffering as possible. DNA is essential to figuring out many of life’s mysteries.
Let’s put our differences aside and unite. We are all unique and deserve to live a peaceful life.
Let’s end needless suffering and negativity for yourself and others. We are all one.
Let’s become the intelligent universe you and I were always meant to be.
I hope my message resonates with you. Please help me spread the word and help each other out. We need to tear down walls that divide us, not build more.
"Three blind men were sent into a room with an elephant in it. They were each allowed to touch the elephant for a little while and then told to describe what they had touched. None of these men had ever seen an elephant before, and each tried to describe it to the best of their abilities. The first man who has only felt the trunk had said, 'An elephant is like a snake hanging from a tree. It is slender and flexible, yet strong with coiled muscles.' the second man, who had stood beside the elephant said 'An elephant is like a house. It has strong sides and is unyielding to the touch, broad and flat like a wall.' The third man who had stood near the tail said 'An elephant is a small animal in nature, like a rat with long coarse hair dangling from a branch by it's long naked tail.' If you cannot see something in its entirety, you may not have a full understanding of that thing. It will skew your perceptions and make you a fool."
Casey Brophy
P.s. About Stan Lee…
Avengers Endgame Spoilers Below
Stan Lee knew all along that it would take more than just strength, intelligence, and more to keep our universe balanced. There were always going to be those that attract negativity and do harm. Just like it was up to the heroes to save the day from negativity, it will be up to us to help those who are going through feelings of suffering.
Thanos was incorrect in how he used the infinity gauntlet. Trying to rid the universe of half of the population was not going to fix anything. It was just going to cause more pain and more suffering.
Once he realized how strong the power of love was (losing someone you love for a soulstone) he should have realized love is all you need. Love and hard work were key to making the universe a better place and he didn’t need the infinity stones to do that. He just needed to join forces with those who also wanted to do good in the world. The Avengers.
If we do not accept each other’s differences and acknowledge we are all a part of the same universe, then we will continue to spiral out of control with negativity. It’s what keeps our reality from becoming harmonized, like the notes of a song.
It’s not that we can’t experience positive or negative emotions, but life is about balance. We’re all going to still get angry, frustrated, upset, confused, jealous, envious, and more, that’s just being human. But it’s how we control our emotions and go back to positive thinking afterwards, where we can achieve great things and have a balanced life.

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