Main goal:
Show that our instincts, emotions and intuitions are still primal. We are no longer animals, but we still act like them. If we have a better understanding of our consciousness, we can help fix unnecessary suffering and injustices. Spread love and positivity, not hate and negativity.
How to explain the concept:
     - Describe altruistic and selfish attributes inherited through evolution. Give examples of altruism in children.
     - Describe how our selfish attributes helped us evolve to where we are today.
     - Show why we can evolve beyond selfishness and how to become more selfless.
     - Describe how our families, governments, cultures, languages, schools, religions, art, music, movies, books, technology, etc. influence our lives
     - Describe how our decisions are made when data is interpreted from our senses combined with the chemicals in our brain
     - Outline a plan to reach a universal level of respect among all humans
     - Explain vestigiality.
What impact I'm hoping to have on the world:
I want to analyze our lives and show that we still are holding onto our primal attributes which were important for survival as animals. We have the ability to think, collaborate, teach, and create, but we still struggle to coexist.
What I want to improve:
     - Renewable energy and saving our planet.
     - Space exploration and sustaining life off our planet.
     - Our physical and mental health. Eliminate as much suffering as possible.
     - Making sure everyone has an opportunity to live a great life.
     - Increase our focus on math, science and technology to make our lives easier.
     - Make sure we’re conscious of our population size and its impact on the Earth.
     - Less spending on military, especially if we can get all nations to agree on peace and prosperity.
     - Make products that last. Less junk cluttering the planet. More leisure time to do the things we love with the people we love.
     - People, animals and earth over profits.
     - Make everyone feel loved.
How I would proceed:
Reduce immoral behavior in our governments, religions, corporations, families, banks and more that currently lead and guide us. We need these things to be the forefront for positivity and love. Unnecessary suffering in the world stems from a lack of sympathy for others.
Marketing style:
     - Maintain a serious connotation, but have fun and make it playful for children to understand. Teach them not to be afraid to be silly and curious.
     - Be yourself and love what you love.
How to promote:
     - Website
     - Social media
     - YouTube
     - In person
     - Clothing, stickers, etc.
Why you should donate:
     - If you want to help me spread a positive message around the world that's easy to understand.
     - Help me take action against injustices.
     - Educate others through my website
     - A small, supplemental income for myself to spend more time on this project
     - Spread awareness about misinformation.
     - And more.
A few notes and thoughts:
Should people be allowed to express feelings of: greed, jealousy. wrath, envy, laziness, gluttony, and lust?
What about people in positions of great power and influence?  (i.e. Government, religions, corporations, families, banks etc.) 
Where do we draw the line and hold ourselves to higher standards?
People are suffering everyday and how much of it can be prevented? Corruption is common in positions of power and the health of humanity and our planet is at stake. We have the means to unite the world through technology and yet we still have many who are uncooperative.
In my opinion, it's time to mentally evolve.
Spread peace and love, not war and hate.
Be the positive change you want to see in your own world.
We are comprised of atoms and energy. Our consciousness interprets our reality based on our senses and the chemicals in our bodies. Our traits are inherited through our DNA. We must realize that none of us had a choice and where we ended up was seemingly a lottery.
Life is beautiful, miraculous, astonishing, agonizing, depressing, jubilant, confusing, rewarding, and more. Take a step back and reevaluate who you are in this world and who you want to be. We don't have forever to appreciate it so we must make every day count.
Live as if tomorrow will not come.
When we're kids, we have very few worries, love life to the fullest, and are always curious. We feel like we belong in the world and have so many questions about it. 
As we grow, we face many circumstances that can cause us happiness or stress.
How completely backwards have we made our world? We are the most intelligent species in this universe that we know of and we are the ones the cause the most pain and suffering.
It’s time to wake up.
We need to reconnect our consciousness to love, acceptance and caring.
Suffering is a symptom of a stubborn unwillingness to change. It’s time for us to fix things for future generations.
Life should be about love and balance.
Our thoughts are the key tool to progress.
Sharing ideas and being good teachers is how we'll keep advancing as a society.
Society is held back by people in positions of power that have selfish agendas.
Will you stand up for what's right?
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