As humans we disagree on a lot of things: which president to vote for, which laws to create and vote on, which ways we should parent and teach children, which religions we should follow, what impact we should have on the planet, which ideas we should innovate, and what future we’re going to leave for our children. Aside from all of these differences, there are two universal things that we all desire. Love and self-worth.
We experience many emotions in our lives including love, happiness, satisfaction, depression, anger, and failure. I think we can ALL universally agree that we try to seek out the good feelings life has to offer. These emotions and desires connect us and make us strive for a better society.
Do we want our children to inherit a world where the most intelligent species experiences more suffering than love on a daily basis? We must start communicating and cooperating if we want change.
How do we start communicating better? How can we start showing our emotions better? How can we start showing compassion to one another? How can we empower our children with love and self-worth?
Love is real and our connections with each other will keep society moving forward. Is it a coincidence that our universe is full of connections and that is what we ultimately desire most? Electrons try to connect to protons. Atoms then connect to other atoms. Moons orbit planets and planets orbit suns. Gravity keeps everything connected. Love connects us.
Social activism driven by love has been making our world a better place to live, and frankly we need more of it. Everything in our history, languages, cultures, societies, religions, and families has been guiding us to this self realization. We can feel very connected with one another because love and emotions bind us together. We become stuck to each other like atoms. Let love radiate through you because we are all one just like the particles in our universe.
Life is a process in which organisms evolve to understand love. Once they understand love they can communicate it in order to live in peace and prosper. It is our divine universal purpose. We all desire to feel connected to the universe and it is my personal opinion that we will one day reincarnate. Have a good moral compass and your consciousness will upgrade itself to a better situation. Immorality and hatefulness may downgrade your consciousness to a worse situation. 
Consciousness is guided by the power of love. Evolution was a process of desires and emotions. Life is a test and we are the students. Our DNA, bodies and minds were created in a way for love to be possible. Procreation allows us to share our love with others and bring more of it into the world. The chemicals in our brains are there to help us experience various emotions and guide our paths. We have a chance to rewrite the future and spread love through out our planet. It starts with providing a quality life for all and getting people mental health care.
What world do we want our children to inherit?
Stress leads to decreased productions of certain neurotransmitters responsible for positive feelings. The stress we put on each other has lasting negative impacts on our ways of thinking.
If you look for love it will become all you can see. Our movies, tv shows, books, songs, art, etc leave a trail of breadcrumbs pointing to love as the answer. We can work towards fixing depression and lift each other up instead of knocking ourselves down. Negative emotions can be lifted from our shoulders and our experiences in life will improve.
When you think of plans for yourself, you must really believe in them or they will not come true.
When we think of plans for humanity, we must really believe them or they will not come true.
When we think of our plans for the universe, we must really believe them or they will not come true.
You must truly believe in your reality or it will not come true.
Corruption stifles a better reality, so please, I ask you to help me bring balance back to earth the way it was always intended.
Listen to your hearts to shape a better tomorrow.

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