Today feels good. It was the first day I told my friends about my website. I also walked around town with a sign promoting this website and positivity. A few people wanted to take my picture and had encouraging things to say so it felt like an awesome success. At the same time, it became clear to me how many people didn't see me or my sign at all.
"SPREAD POSITIVITY - MENTALLYEVOLVE.COM" was not enticing enough for most people to engage with me.  It's possible the cardboard sign made people think I was homeless. I believe we become numb to the homeless and it's easy for us to ignore them as we walk by. As long as we ignore people we do not want to acknowledge, we can keep living in our comfortable bubbles. I think humans struggle to sympathize with other's suffering because we are unable to truly put ourselves in their shoes. Giving them a few dollars here and there is just a bandage on an open wound.
Love is universal and as humans we desire our comfort. We care about ourselves a little too much and we've lost focus of the bigger picture. It is up to us to make a better world to live in.
I'm confident that things can change. 
Perceive a better world and we can have it.
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