I love trying to make sense of our universe lately, but realize I may never have a true answer to the question, "where do we go?" Where are we before we're born and where do we go when we die. It's fun to theorize just like many who have come before me who have applied their ideas to religions. I am uncertain of the true answer, but I do believe that our lives amount to more than just an eternity in a grave. Pessimists and atheists argue there is nothing after death, but can we really be certain?
Perhaps when we die our energy and consciousness remains here in this universe. We'll reincarnate and start anew based on karma.  Through our own procreation our souls will be able to live on here forever. What a great reason to preserve our planet, treat others with respect and make quality of life adjustments for all. 
Perhaps consciousness or our soul is a type of energy that can escape our bodies and rejoin the universe. As energy we can travel the vast galaxies at the speed of light, stopping to observe life on other planets.  When we grow bored of zipping around and observing, we may have a choice on where we'd like to start anew. 
Will there be a heaven? Will we reincarnate onto a heaven or hell on earth? Is life like a video game simulation and we chose our own destiny? Are black holes the answer to everything? Was the big bang created by a thought? When we die, will a new big bang emerge? Are we meant to find our purpose hidden in the clues of culture and history? 
What do we really know about our universe? One day our eyes slowly open, we're blinded by a lights, and we begin to breath and cry. Every human life starts the same, but it is the life before and after that will always be up for speculation.
Our consciousness may share a deep rooted connection that we're currently unaware of.  We might be the oxygen we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the emotions we feel, the frequencies we hear, the colors we see, the temperatures we feel, and the surfaces we touch. We are collaborative by nature and our thoughts and ideas can be shared and preserved for future generations to come. 
Maybe we're all the same consciousness experienced uniquely through different forms of life. Rosa Parks, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Katherine Johnson, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, you, and myself could share a universal connection and the only difference is our DNA and early circumstances of life, like where you are born.
We all share a connection to the vast green forests, the rolling snowy mountains, the deep blue oceans, the windy deserts, and the other forms of nature and life. Our planet is precious and I wonder if we'll ever be able to find or live on another earth-like planet if we damage ours. Earth and the history of life is miraculous. Planets of earth's caliber for sustaining life may come few and far between. Earth is our home and we must live here as long as humanly possible. We must also think ahead to the future and build technology that would allow us to leave if we ever had to.
We should value everything in our lives dearly because we may only get one shot at living on earth. We must put a great effort towards making the world better for all. History, science and religion offer many insights to our lives, but it is ultimately up to us what we want to do with all of the information. Thinking of an idea is how we create a better world. Perhaps it's time to stop speculating on the before and after and just focus on the now. Portugal the Man's “Modern Jesus,” is a belief in ourselves. 
We will always have each other, everything that has ever come, and everything that ever will be.
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